What are the features of the Fixed Deposit?

ICICI Bank's fixed deposit has simple, powerful features:

  • Flexible Tenure: Ranging from one month to 60 months.
  • Attractive Interest Rates: You can earn higher interest rates than those available in typical current or savings accounts. Rates are subject to daily fluctuations in money markets. Rates can be obtained from ICICI Bank at the time of making the deposit.
  • No Interest Rate Fluctuation: Interest rates remain unchanged during the tenure of the deposit, irrespective of any movement in market interest rates.
  • No Tax at Source: As per the prevailing income-tax laws in Bahrain, the interest on deposits placed with ICICI Bank's Bahrain branch would not be subject to deduction of income tax at source/ withholding tax.
  • Automatic Renewal: To make things more convenient for you, we automatically renew deposits for 1 month at the prevailing rate of interest on maturity date, unless prior instructions are given to specify the desired renewal tenor.

How can I apply for a Fixed Deposit? What documents do I need to keep ready?

Opening the deposit is a simple process. Just download the account opening form, fill it in and send it to us. Of course, we would also need some supporting documents to open your account. More details are available on the How to Apply page

What are the currencies in which the Fixed Deposits are available?

The Fixed Deposits are raised in the following currencies:

  • BD, Bahraini Dinar
  • USD, US Dollar
  • GBP, British Pound Sterling
  • AUD, Australian Dollar.

What is the minimum amount that I need to open a Fixed Deposit?

The minimum deposit size for the fixed deposit is:

  • BD 2,000
  • USD 5,000
  • GBP 3,000
  • AUD 7,000

What are the tenors in which the Fixed Deposits are offered?

The Fixed Deposits are offered in tenors of one, two, three, six and nine months, and one, two, three, four, and five years.

How is the Interest Rate calculated?

  • The interest rates offered on the Fixed Deposits would be calculated on a per annum basis, compounded annually. The accumulated interest would be paid on maturity.
  • For deposits of a tenor of 12 months or less, the interest would be computed as simple interest.